Manfaat mengkomsumsi Vitamin B12

Setiap waktu ke waktu manusia akan mengalami masa pertumbuhan, sehingga manusia sangat memerlukan vitamin dan nutrisi, mulai manusia dikandungan ibu sampai beranjak usia tua. Kebutuhan akan vitamin dan nutrisi sangat berbeda, mulai saat bayi, anak-anak, remaja dan beranjak dewasa. Sejak dulu anda pasti sudah mendengar apa itu vitamin B12, yang mengandung peran penting bagi tubuh kita. Nah apa manfaat mengkomsumsi vitamin B12 bagi kesehatan tubuh kita ?

Vitamin B12 disebut juga dengan kobalamin. Kobalamin adalah vitamin larut air yang mempunyai peran penting dalam berfungsi normalnya otak dan sistem saraf, serta dalam pembentukan darah dalam tubuh kita. Vitamin B12 adalah salah satu dari 8 vitamin B. Pada umumnya, vitamin B12 bekerja dalam metabolisme sel didalam tubuh kita, terutama berpengaruh pada regulasi DNA dan sintesis serta sintesis asam lemak dan produksi energi.

Vitamin B12 adalah salah satu vitamin seperti yang kita kenal bersama, yaitu vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K dan vitamin lainnya. Makanan yang mengandung Vitamin B12 dapat ditemukan pada ikan, telur, daging dan kerang. Kebutuhan tubuh terhadap vitamin juga sangat penting, karena banyak juga yang terkena penyakit akibat kekurangan vitamin. Nah berikut ini kita akan mengulas manfaat dari vitamin B12 bagi tubuh kita :
  1. Cepat lelah atau capek, biasanya kita lelah setelah bekerja keras dan itu wajarlah he 3x, tapi kalau kita lelah hanya kerja yang ringan saja, maka itu tanda-tanda bahwa kita kekurangan vitamin B12.
  2. Menjaga kolestrol dalam tubuh kita. Hati-hati loh dengan kolestrol yang tidak terkontrol dengan baik, karena akan mengakibatkan banyak penyakit seperti gagal ginjal dan jantung. Nah dengan mengkomsumsi vitamin B12, maka akan dapat membantu mengkontrol kadar kolestrol dalam tubuh kita.
  3. Apakah anda sering lupa, seperti menaruh barang, mengingat masa lalu, itu tanda-tanda dari penyakit Alzheimer. Nah kita harus minum vitamin B12 untuk menanggulangi atau menghilangkan penyakit Alzheimer itu. Dengan mengkomsumsi vitamin B12, otak kita juga mendapat cukup vitamin.
  4. Khusus wanita atau perempuan sangat baik mengkomsumsi vitamin B12, karena dengan mengkomsumsi vitamin B12, dapat menghindari dari penyakit kanker payudara.
  5. Memperkuat akar rambut. Dengan mengkomsumsi vitamin B12 dapat menjaga kesehatan rambut dan memberikan nutrisi pada rambut, sehingga kita terhindar dari kerontokan rambut.
  6. Dengan mengkomsumsi vitamin B12 dapat juga mengatasi masalah pada kulit, seperti kulit kusam, kering dan berbagai jenis kerusakan kulit kita.
Semoga artikel kesehatan mengenai manfaat mengkomsumsi Vitamin B12, dapat bermanfaat bagi anda sekalian. Salam Sehat Selalu.

Goodbye glasses? Screens to suit the view

Researchers at the famous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) provide that the screens soon replace eyeglasses, but there is no question of Google Glass.

Indeed, a report read in the MIT Technology Review suggests that people who have to wear glasses to watch their computer screen or TV will soon put them in their case for good because the screens could fit the view and thus correct vision problems depending on the user.

To do this, the researchers turned to data from the prescription eyeglasses in computer algorithms and using a light filter placed in front of the screen.

The algorithm changing the brightness of each pixel of the screen, creating a sharper image as it reaches the retina.

The researchers developed their technology in a study where they first choose images of hot air balloons in the colors very vivid before deforming using various algorithms.

But people who suffer from minor ailments of sight were not these distorted images. Instead, they were crisp on their iPod Touch with the light plastic filter previously mentioned. To believe that the screen controls the manner in which each light beam emanating from the display.

The researchers also tested their technology using a digital SLR camera Canon and arrived at an equally sharp image without affecting the contrast.

Even if this technology could be promising for people with minor disorders of vision, the teacher in charge of the study and his team hope that it can also provide solutions for people with more serious eye condition that can not be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

The main obstacle to the development of this technology is the ability to adapt to so many people can watch the same screen simultaneously. One of the co-authors believe that the resolution could facilitate simultaneous viewing, but further work on the subject is still needed before large-scale commercialization.

Dosage and removing guilt, keys to a healthy diet without deprivation

A team of American researchers from Vanderbilt University has highlighted, in the field of food, what it calls a "balance point" between the size of gustatory pleasure and that of healthy nutrition.

Presupposing that the final removal of small pleasures is an elusive goal, the researchers say that the success of a balanced lifestyle is due to dosage: integration in the supply of a portion of unhealthy food ("defects") is permitted if it is tempered by a higher proportion of healthy foods.

This removing guilt  "encourages accustomed gaps to increase their consumption of healthy foods (virtues) and reduce their consumption of foods to avoid (vices), while maintaining a full taste satisfaction. A vice-under package in sum, "said Kelly L. Haws, professor of management at Vanderbilt's Owen Graduate School of Management".

The experiments show that the study subjects are satisfied by the vast majority of meals consisting of a reduced portion (a quarter to half of the food) of unhealthy food (fries, donuts ...). Participants found the meal proportions "Deputy Under" balanced as tasty as those three quarters consisted of foods fall within the "vice".

According to these researchers, increase the portion of healthy food helps to be satisfied with the reduction of food rich in calories.

Lucid dreamers gifted to resolve problematic situations

A team of researchers from the University of Lincoln is interested in what is called "lucid dreamers" knowingly able to drive their dreams. Through the first empirical study on the subject, they showed that they were better able to solve problems in everyday life.

Lucid dreaming is far from a new concept, even if the film "Inception" (2010), in which dreamers are able to detect the incongruous elements of their dreams, helped put it back into fashion.

In the film, this capability indicates higher levels of perception: the dreamers understand that they are not in reality perceiving inconsistencies.

"To become lucid dreamers, they must go beyond the reality of their dream state and they realize to be dreaming," said Dr. Patrick Bourke, senior lecturer at the Lincoln School of Psychology. We find the same cognitive ability to waking, the person is able to think differently when solving problems."

The researchers asked 68 participants aged 18 to 25 years to solve 30 puzzles to assess their linguistic insight.

The problems included three terms to associate with a keyword to form compound words.

Participants themselves had reported their ability to be, to varying degrees, lucid dreamers during the selection phase. Experience has shown that regular lucid dreamers were able to solve a larger number (25%) of these puzzles.

The study was published in the journal Dreaming of the American Psychological Association.

Doctors India removed the skeleton of a fetus remained 36 years in the body of a woman

In India, doctors removed the skeleton of a fetus remained 36 years in the body of a 60 year old woman. This is probably the longest ectopic pregnancy ever known.

For two months, the patient Kantabai Gunvant Thakre had complained of pain in the abdomen. During the consultation, the doctors found a lump on the lower right side of the abdomen, raising fears of cancer. The presence of a bump was confirmed by ultrasound. Aa and scanner revealed the mass was made of hard material and calcified. "It was after the patient has undergone an MRI that doctors were able to see that the mass was actually the skeleton of a child," said Dr. Murtaza Akhtar, chief of surgery Lata Mangeshkar Hospital.

After searching the literature, surgeons found no similar cases outside a Belgian woman who had preserved the remains of an ectopic pregnancy for 18 years, the longest period previously recorded . Indian women became pregnant in 1978 and 24. Suffering from an ectopic pregnancy, the developing fetus had stopped after a few months. Following these complications, doctors had told her that her fetus was dead and that she should undergo an operation. But she was frightened at the thought of surgery and had taken refuge in his village (Pipariya) without recourse. After pain management and pain relief, she thought the problem was solved.

Ultimately, the patient was finally successfully operated and is recovering in shock of what had happened.

A new method to prove if a vegetable is organic or not

Affix the label "organic" on products just to increase their prices could soon become a thing of the past thanks to a high-tech method of analysis established by researchers at the University of Wuerzburg and health authorities Bavarian.

Despite regulations becoming stricter and safeguards put in place in many countries, some producers continue to produce organic food when they were grown conventionally.

For greater transparency, German researchers have explored a technique for magnetic resonance spectroscopic (experimental study of the spectrum) already used to certify honey and olive oil.

Their work focused on tomatoes, they compared those produced in greenhouses or outdoors and with natural or chemical fertilizers. They collected enough data to prove to their final test method was able to identify the culture conditions mentioned above.

The researchers point out that the current certification techniques that analyze the composition of stable isotopes of nitrogen, are not precise enough.

Eating instant noodles harmful to women

Women who eat instant noodles at least twice in a week, increase by 68% the risk of high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension.

According to an American research, they analyzed data from a survey conducted in South Korea, the world's largest consumer of these noodles, with a sample of 10,771 adults representative of the population, of which slightly more than half of women.

"Consumption of instant noodles is linked to an increased prevalence of metabolic syndrome in women, regardless of their diet dominant," write the researchers from Harvard University whose work is published in the Journal of Nutrition of the month August.

Metabolic syndrome refers to the presence of a set of physiological signs that increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. So while Korean women had a traditional diet based on rice, fish and vegetables or eat mostly meat and fried foods less healthy, the fact of eating instant pasta twice a week greatly enhances their risk metabolic.

"Eating noodles once or twice a month is no problem but several times a week is can problematic," said Frank Hu, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard, lead author, quoted by the New York Times.

The fact that the data come from a survey may explain why men do not seem much affected than women, notes Professor Hu in the study.

He explains that they seem to describe their diets more accurately. But, he said, it is also possible that women are more sensitive to the effects of carbohydrates, fats and salt.